In this Core 2 Design Studio exercise, students analyze and objectify the reading room or public space of a precedent library through axonometric drawing.
Public Figures: Configuring a Room
An M.Arch thesis on urban geopolitics and exclusivity through the design of a seemingly open US embassy in Beijing.
Diplomatic: Letter from the Architectural Enclave
The Sean Collier Memorial at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) consists of a five-way flat stone vault buttressed by five radial walls.
Sean Collier Memorial
The work of Gyorgy Kepes, from 1937 through 1947, is on display at Tate Liverpool in northern England.
Gyorgy Kepes on Display at Tate Liverpool
The thesis of the project is to develop an architectural organization that coheres and integrates strategic life-cycles of the library program and the landscape of East Cambridge into a symbiotic scheme.
Open Air Library
A semester-long interdisciplinary collaboration between ACT, the Music Department, and the MIT Center for Art, Culture, and Technology.
Resonating MIT
Using the primitive hut/shelter and the column archetype as underlying principles, this phase of the semester-long project intends to achieve a certain level of logic...
This thesis is a time capsule of the oil economy, created by preserving everday totems made from petroleum in a landscape that spatially recreates the processes of drilling and fracking a contemporary oil well.
The Williston Time Capsule
Innovative school of architecture based on a hybrid atrium learning space with suspended visiting critics’ studio.
Melbourne School of Design
Flying Carpets imagines how growth could happen in excessively dense and use-intensive environments, avoiding tabula rasa strategies and working with the conditions given by the place.
Flying Carpets