The Undergraduate Program in Architecture at MIT provides both a deep and broad education in the field of architecture within the context of a leading school of science and technology.
Course 4 Undergraduate Program in Architecture
"...the architect sits at the intersection of this public/private partnership and if involved, could re-engage the notion of the social contract through large-scale public works."
Urban Village / Moving City: Social Housing for a Changing Public
BUST brings together eleven established architects and firms to reconsider the relevance of a seemingly anachronous means of evaluation for a work of architecture: the fa├žade.
BUST Exhibition Guest Curated by William O'Brien Jr.
Megalithic civilizations held tremendous knowledge surrounding mass and weight. What if we could mine this past knowledge to inform contemporary practice with the tool of gravity?
McKnelly Megalith
By transforming a traffic median into a public space, Shadow Play fosters pedestrian life and improves the downtown Phoenix streetscape at Roosevelt Row.
Shadow Play
The African Urban Metabolism Network (AUM Network) was founded by the Urban Metabolism Group at MIT and researchers at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa.
John Fernandez, Phebe Dudek, Josephine Musango, Paul Currie
African Urban Metabolism Network
Architecture exists at the confluence of form, material, environment, and structure. While this odd set of bedfellows informs architecture, this overlay produces an experience for the occupant.
Caleb Harper, SM '14, and Skylar Tibbits, research scientist and lecturer for the Department of Architecture, were recently named among National Geographic's 2015 Emerging Explorers.
Two from Architecture Named National Geographic Emerging Explorers of 2015